Help, just bought a r1100 gs, its had a new engine and done 8k on it. Only ridden it twice, first time there was a final drive clonk like the thing was jumping in and out of gear quite unnerving, and the other day iopened it up and the clutch slipps. then the nearside rear indicator was a little intermittant so i tapped it and it wotked. then it didnt next time i put it on, tapped it again and it worked. loose connection i thought, stripped it down, MINT! but whilst tampering i think i shorted it as i noticed a very minute spark from the connection now the front nearside does not work either. off side is fine,do you think it may be the flasher relay?? all fuses fine.

AS for the previous clutch prob i am told could be the gearbox oil seal gone and its spewing oil onto the plate? how easy is it to remove the clutch.

Anyone had the final drive clonk?? its whilst moving off normally low revs arter the clutch is released and your underway normally about 2.5k on revs

love the bike only had it 3 days but probs already!!!
Oh dear - The engine may have only 8K miles on it, but what about the gearbox ? What year is the bike ? the pre 97 1100 gearbox has a design fault, which gives the impression of jumping out of gear.

Make sure you have the correct amount of clutch lever play , not the lever at the handlebars, but the lever at the back of the gearbox, if there's no play it can cause clutch slip.
The bike is 1996 and has 34k on it new engine was insurance job, how do i check free play on lower cluch arm, if i live with the gear thing will it damage the box? any known remedies? i have heard its long winded to find exact problem and can be costly.
hello geoff,couldnt help but empathise,steptoe is absolutely right about free play start there its critical.If you run it without,byebye clutch.If you have to do the job yourself do not despair its easy but time consuming.Its more likely to be the engine seal gone,you can quite easily take the starter off and have a look for contamination.If you look in the haynes book it looks a lot harder than it really is,there are much simpler ways to save time.Will watch with interest your thread and if i can help only too willing.Keep it fix it,top bike and new clutch with receipts adds to its value regards
First, welcome to the site, and the world of G! Great bike, the 1100 (he says, wondering if his will ever start again...)

Just a thought:

Anyone had the final drive clonk?? its whilst moving off normally low revs arter the clutch is released and your underway normally about 2.5k on revs

Sounds very familiar, that 'clonk'. Has your bike got ABS?

Hi Thanks for all you help, my bike does have abs, ridden it again tonight, weird the clutch did not seem to slip?? and the enging got hot. Main problen is when i accelerate from a rolling start the clonk and jolt throught the bike like it breifly jumping in and out of gear.... could it be a worn shaft or final drive linked? the bike hd been stood for quite a while don't know if this is anyway linked to the clutch slipping, anyway watch this space.. gear or final drive jolt and clonk is worrying tho..

any help or suggestions welcome, i spoke to a bm guru and he said he had a similar problem withone of this customers bikes and after whipping the box out 3 x times and practically rebuilding it he put an exchange gearbox in and it cured it but the ££££££!!!!:tears i think i will live with it. if it gets worse then i'll worry any advice is very welcome. Thanks for all your help.
Its probably a good idea to change the gearbox and final drive oils, and examine what comes out carefully, keep them separate, any metallic bits need to be noted.

Right, you've added a bit more information, so forget I mentioned ABS.
Not a lot of help, this, but I had a similar sound/jolt at the opposite end of the scale; when I was cruising on a relaxed throttle, 70 ish, then accelearated again, I'd get maybe half a second delay, then a 'clomk' as the drive took up again. (No clutch use!) Never did find out what it was, I might even find it's still there when I get it going again...

Thanks, i think i willl just ride it and see what happens, Lovely weather at moment!! still got left indicator out of action...

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