Clutch - no pressure, not working

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Jul 3, 2004
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This is my first post and I am asking questions?
I was going to Scotland today for a few days on my 2001 black 1150GS but noticed that the clutch lever would only diengage when the lever was almost touching the handlegrip! Callled into
Williams this morning in Manchester, they kindly had a look and bled the system, having taken pity on me as I was loaded up.
The mechanic said he ahd never seen such fithy fluid and changed the lot. It seemed to work OK so off I set for bonny Scotland. Got as far as just North of Kendal and the clutch packed in all together, no pressure not even if you pumped it.

About turn and made it all the way back to the end of the M602 when the traffic lights changed and I had to stop. Good old BMW rescue who picked me up and took the bike back to Williams, I then caught the train home.

Any ideas what it will be?
no clutch

slave cylinder seal perhaps!!.You don't mention any fluid leaks,but obviously air is getting in somewhere and you are loosing your pressure.If it is then the fluid is being pushed down the clutch pushrod hole though your gearbox input shaft and is sitting in the bottom of your clutch housing.Was your clutch slipping at all??.Andy
We spend most of Sunday on Rusty's 1150 with exactly the same problem. There is a little bastard bolt under the airbox that holds the hydraulic hose from the front reservior in place. Now if this little mofo bolt happens to work lose(as Rusty's did) you either have to cut an allen key a bit shorter to get it under the limited space of the airbox or as we did strip the freakin subframe off to get the airbox out, tighten bolt (+- 5 seconds) and put the whole lot back together!!

If they charge alot I can understand as it is the most labour intensive job to make sure one bolt did not vibrate lose. I was a bit worried that the hydraulic clutch mechanism would need bleeding but fortunately it works fine and so far so good. Will comment again after he has done more miles. Hopefully it is something minor and sure BMW does have the correct type of tool to get into confined spaces.

If there is no sign of leakage I would suspect the master cylinder. If this was ok, it would be sending the fluid somewhere and would eventually, after several pumps, it would create a hydraulic lock making your lever solid.
Its Done it AGAIN!!!

Picked it up from Williams this morning after having the mastercylinder replaced, rode it about 40 miles and guess what?

Yeah, its done it again, no pressure at the lever. managed to get home this time and rang those nice people at BMW assist who will pick it up on Monday and return it to Williams.

Not a happy Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any ideas if I can cliam anything back for travel costs etc.

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