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Ok. Clutch has gone. After 15 months, 27k. Done a bit two up, and some (very modest) off road. And cooked the hell out of it doing hill starts in Llangollen. But I am a tad disappointed anyway. Bracken say that even with wheelying (if thats how you spell it) and abuse they should last longer than that. Local BMW dealers claim they have never replaced one before x million miles etc etc.

But I saw a 19k 1100GS advertised the other week for sale, with new tyres and clutch... so I wondered. Anyone else had to replace a clutch yet?

And stangely enough, it doesn't slip when really going for it, just when trying to accelerate in 5th or E from below 4,000 rpm.

Even more strange is the fact that every time I return to this board I have some strange crap listed as my 'signature'.

Erudition in a sentence. Don't ya just love it.
Bike Bear said:

And stangely enough, it doesn't slip when really going for it, just when trying to accelerate in 5th or E from below 4,000 rpm.

Unfortunately, that's when a clutch is most likely to slip (high gear, max torque).

It's pretty bad luck on your part. It could be because you've frazzled the clutch with hill starts - the wear rate on the friction plate rises with its temperature, but it could also be because the first-motion-shaft seal is shagged and covered the clutch with gearbox oil - it doesn't need much! If you are doing the work yourself (a nice Xmas holiday project?), then replace that seal whilst you have it all apart.

If you are generally hard on the clutch, you might consider a paddle clutch and pressure plate as offered by Bracken.

A mate at work got the clutch replaced on the 1150 RT he bought a couple of weeks before I got my GS at the end of Jun 2001.
From memory he had done about 19000 Miles when it went.
I think it might have been outside the year but it was done as warranty work at Sawbridgeworth.

I had a sneaking suspicion that it was oil, as the first time it happened was just after I topped it up. I took it in for a service and for the clutch to be replaced, but the dealer rang me to say they had test ridden the bike and there was nothing wrong with the clutch. They did the service, then rang me to say that whilst doing the test ride after the service they noticed the clutch was slipping. So I figured it was oil squeezing past the seal. Anyway, they dont think so, so I shall be curious to see when the whole thing comes apart on Jan 6th (and no I am not doing it myself).

Seriously considered the Touratech ceramic clutch, but when I discussed it with Bracken they managed to completely disuade me from having it fitted.

First they told me it took 5000 miles to bed in, fine I said, couple of months riding, then they told me it was really only for desert racing, not road riding. Then when I tried to book the bike in anyway I had to talk to the man in parts to order the plates, then ring another man in the workshop to book the labour, he then put me back to the man in parts to order the BMW bits (as opposed to the Touratech plates), 'cept he couldn't find the right page and would ring me straight back. That was over a month ago.

So unless anyone has actually had the Ceramic Clutch plates fitted and can recommend them, I shall give them a miss this time.
I think that my 20K miles clutch is on the way out too. After a hard run it smells very hot.

It doesn't appear to slip under hard acceleration, it's only really apparent when trying to do hill starts two up (or even one up). I attribute this to the excessively high first gear on the 1150.

I'm so fed up with this that I'm slowly building the courage to fit the final drive fron an 1100.

Rgds Richard
yep I can confirm that the clutch on my 1150 parted company from this world at about 14,000 miles and those nice people at SPC replaced it for me under warranty as they did my failed rear brake master cylinder this week.

Well done SPC

Buggered clutch

the clutch on my 43k '97 1100GS is on its way out, high speed rollons have the tacho needle dancing around the dial. I've just had to book it into Rainbow for a new one.

I was under the impression it should do double that mileage.

- meaning that at this point in time my '81 Guzzi Le Mans is winning the reliability stakes!
Just had mine done by the dealer. £502. No oil contamination, no warping, no nothing. Just worn out.
And whilst it was at the dealers having a new clutch fitted, the front ABS sensor failed (apparently). Another hundred and something quid.
And to cap it all, on the way home my head fell off. So I am currently house bound awaiting repairs - Bem Bem will be taking my place on the bike for the forseable future.
Bloody bastards. You all want to know about the dealer, but not one piece of sympathy for me head falling off onto the M25.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


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