CN2008 on a 2720 (again)


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Nov 21, 2004
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Bristol, England
Just received my disc and about to start the update process, but reading about various problems here, I am a little nervous about doing this as I am something of a computer numpty.
Is it as problematic as it seems, or am I worrying unecessarily?
Probably be easier than doing the upgrade on a BM Nav 3 :tears

If in doubt, wait till Monday so that you can call Garmin if you've any questions ;)
Follow the instructions and you'll be fine. went through on my 2820 without a hitch.
As beemerboy9 says, it's dead easy if you follow the instructions to the letter.

One tip: make sure you have a MyGarmin account and that your 2720 is registered to you (check serial# etc.) before you start. If this bit isn't done then you could end up with problems. When upgrading to CN9NT I experienced difficulties paying for the upgrade as part of the install process so I paid for the upgrade before I started this time and it all worked seamlessly.

Good luck!
Followed your words of wisdom and the download and transfer to the GPS went fine.

Thanks for the advice.

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