Cogs Check your PC


Cogs (A.K.A Ian Underwood).

Check your pc for virus's, the yahoo egroup as just received an attachment from you that looks remarkably like the sort of attachement that is sent by some of the latest virus's.

The Yahoo group obviously blocked the attachement, and alerted me the administator of the attempt to send the email via the group.

I've not got your number, so if anybody out there does have it, may be worth while giving cogs a call, or Matron, can you let him know tomorrow via work.


Cheers Paul

Cheers Paul, Just spoken to cogs and made him aware of this, he's now checking out his pc.
It's highly unlikely that Cogs is the source of the infected email. The latest batch of viruses spoof the sender and return addresses.

It most likely came from someone else who has both yahoogroups' and cogs' email addresses in their address book.

Last week I received several abuse reports from various "IT administrators" accusing me of sending viruses. Actually, looking at the headers in the attached emails, someone with an infected PC in Northern Ireland was spoofing my email address.

It seems that the Yahoo IT people are just as clueless

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