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Sep 8, 2002
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Hot of the press from the North Wales TRF tonight. Just goes to show what can be done in a seemingly impossible situation.

Powys/Radnorshire ROW committee met today to decide the future of the
Monk's Trod. There were about 70 members of the public present (read
trail riders) and the committee consisted of 9 plus a panel of 4,
chairman etc.
A damning report was read out, disclosing the numerous groups with an
interest and their opinions, photographs were shown of damage, a man
in a waist deep rut for one (caused by water erosion, but that had to
be clarified) . There were 6 proposals costing from £262,000 to £0.
The recommendation was to repair some damage, at minimal cost, and
place a permanent ban on the road to all vehicles. Glum faces.
It then went to the committee to speak, to cut a long story,
basically, they said bollocks, unanimously, keep it open. Some
comments from committee members:
" I am a Welshman, but I want the Englishman's money (that he spends)"
" I drove a Landrover on the Trod in 1959 and some of it was
impassable, I had to make detours, it is no worse now than it was
" 3500 years of use, and this council wish it closed, rather than
make a few repairs"
" If the route was closed, only the responsible would heed the TRO,
the Police have said it could not be enforced, they have higher
priorities, they couldn't catch a motorcycle anyway"
The ROW committee voted for a permanent TRO (for motorcycles) between
the months of December to February inclusive, that the route should
be better way-marked and a management plan be put in place utilising
the many offers of volunteers. Common sense prevailed.

Glad common sense has prevailed.

Hope we get the same in Yorkshire Dales - but I'm not so sure.
Don't drive Trail riding 'underground' by imposing TRO's.
There's enough Muppets riding all over the Dales and not sticking to legal routes,because their ignorance is bliss or they can't be bothered to research where they're riding or even ask the TRF.

Bloody idiots............makes me angry when you see groups of 10-15 on Moto-X or Enduro bikes,tearing all over the place.

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