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I am trying to contact Rob Farmer the guy that sells the GS spot lights.I wish to know if he still sells the lights and how must are they a set.

Rob if you see this please get back in touch,I ve payed to be a sponser be the site as not yet set up the account so i can't PM you.

Regards Joe

I have paid to be a sponsor but the guy who deals with setting it up is touring Europe on his bike. How do I get in touch with you regarding the light kit you offer for the GS 1150 Adven. waiting your reply?

Regards Joe

Hi Rob,
I am in the same position as above.. have sent email..
But mine is the standar 1150GS..

Cheers Rocks

Hey Rocks, just seen your signature and your location. Good choice of place, I suppose you could have picked Stonehaven as a place to live:D
Lots of rocks

Yup Flintshire is full of rocks,, clywdian range and some great off road tracks and green lanes.. just not many GS owners.. feeling lonely up here..:confused:

At least i still have my rocks.. ;)
Trying to contact Rob Farmer

Hi Rob,
If you're the same Rob Farmer who has just ordered some Shocks from me on Ebay, can you please get in touch? I need some contact information from you and info about the bike, and I know Ebay often deletes messages with contact details.
Please email me at with your delivery address and mobile number. I need some more details about the bike and will reply if your delivery address matches what Ebay is telling me.
Thanks, Mark.

Yes its me. Bloody ebay was stressing me out by deleting my email address.

The bike is a 2003 super glide sport which is your part Number THD005

I’ve just measured the distance between the mounting holes, with the wheel of the ground, on the standard shocks and it’s 340mm so I guess a little longer would be fine say 345mm

I weigh 120kg with my bike gear on. My wife is 60kg with her gear on. Although I do sometimes fit luggage for trips away my wife never tours on the bike so the max weight will be 180kg and the lowest will be 120kg

Black springs will be perfect



this was the guzzi mentioned

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