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Howard Millichap

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Jan 3, 2002
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Finally got round to riding on my new Conti Enduro Pro tyres, so I thought I'd share my first impressions.
The weather was cold. The roads were damp in places.
I thought the tyres were very good. Right from the start of the ride they felt very secure and neutral handling.
Once they had warmed up a bit this feeling was continued, with no hint of slip or slide even on the damp patches.
They felt better than Mich T66 & Metz Sahara 3 right from the off.
Time will tell whether they remain this way with wear and hotter temperatures, but of course wirth the GSClub offer I've saved around £30 over the T66's so I don't I'll mind either way.
I don't need tyres yet, but where do I find the details of the GSClub Offer?

I checked out the price of a set of TKC 80's last week for my 1150 and the club discount makes them £100. Then you have the £7 delivery cost, plus fitting by a local workshop at £7.50 per tyre (on loose wheels). I have a contact at a local tyre place who got me them from Cambrian GT and fitted/balanced them for £100 all in. So far, I'm well pleased with the results and cannot wait until Llangollen and some off roading. Has anyone any advice regarding tyre pressures for these?
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Dear Paul.

The Tyre pressure is dependant obviously on what you are doing and the condition under foot.

Normal Pressure for me 36 F / 39 R

Off road Dry 28 F / 30 R

Off Road Muddy / Green lane / Sand 14-18 R / 14 - 18 F

Dont drop the pressure below 12 PSI as you risk loosing your tyre.

Cheers Simon,

My bike doesn't have the same weight to carry as yours.....;) so it sounds like the 32F/36R I have been using for day to day stuff should be about right. The off road pressures will be useful for Llangollen though. See you there.

Where has the info gone about the GS-Continental Tyre deal?

Phil (Bashplate) asked earlier as to where he could find details about the GS Club/Continental tyre deal. I cant find the link to the page of details either. If someone can direct me to the right place on the GS Club site it would be much appreciated.

See you all soon.
Cheers & Safe riding.
Simon Thomas
I tried the link but it's broken! Is there another way to find out about the deal on Continentals?:mad:
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