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Mar 8, 2003
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Andover, Hampshire
Has anybody had their bike serviced or worked on by these people. Where they ok, good job or not and where they expensive....?

PS. Did a search thru the dealers threads but could not find any mention of them.
approach with caution

some serious discrepancies in the credibilty of the sales dept."..the balance of the original warranty is not transferrable and so the used bike warranty we insist on selling you supercedes any remainder of the original warranty and cannot be added onto the original warranty...." not according to Bracknell it doesn't but that's another matter............

used machine supplied with a serious electrical problem despite having supposedly been serviced and inspected as an integral part of the aforementioned warranty. Three visits before a tech is persuaded to road test the bike only to return admitting that it should not have been allowed out in that condition. No apology or explanation forthcoming although in fairness a choice of loan bikes was then offered...not sure about the LT but the R1150R was nice...

in the end it was all sorted but it was hard work, it took nearly a month and it spoilt what should otherwise have been a pleasurable experience, and it's not the cheapest place in the world but a slightly more positive attitude would have helped!!
Mick_rw said:
PS. Did a search thru the dealers threads but could not find any mention of them.

Well that's quite interesting because I was involved in one thread that turned a bit heated when Tim from Cooper got involved. No trace of the thread any more. Hmmmm.....

So not being sure if I am allowed to express an honest opinion about really poor service received from a dealer I won't post anything here about Cooper Reading.


thanks for the replies, seems I will stick with SPC, my reason for asking was as I work just round the corner from them was considering using them instead of SPC, but will stick with SPC I think.

Thanks to Mike / Mark

I had the bearing in the top yoke replaced by these jokers. Unfortunately they didn't heat the yoke up when removing and replacing the bearing and consequently lost the interference fit. The bike had more play in the handlebars than with the knackered old bearing + the top yoke had been scratched. Great!

After lots of heated arguments and a visit to another BMW dealer who said the bike was now dangerous they eventually backed down and replaced the top yoke and bearing. This was about 3 years ago so hopefully things may have changed?

I've also used SPC, but wasn't overly impressed when they overfilled my bike with oil at the last service. I think in future I'll be doing my own servicing.

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