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Simon Eassom

Been testing my new Corbin-style seat made by Melvyn Hunter for the past two weeks and I'm very pleased with it. I've had about an inch or more added to raise the front seat level with the back so that I can sit further back if I need to. I'm 6'4" so the extra height doesn't affect me, but Melvyn specialises in height reductions as well.
I've had Corbin seats before but at £440 and a 2-4 month wait I decided to try a cheaper and faster alternative. Melvyn charges £135 for the word and £35 for a gel mesh insert (£60 for two if you want gel front and back). So, my new saddle was £195 all-in. He normally takes 5-7 days depending on when you get the seat units to him. The only disadvantage is that he uses your saddle so (a) you're without your bike for a week and (b) you no longer have the original saddle to put back on the bike if you sell.
Melvyn's in Coventry (16 Harborough Road, Holbrooks, Coventry CV6 4FP), just a few minutes from Jct 3 of the M6. I dropped the seats off and picked them up but he does do mail order.
He's got a website at
Or phone him on 02476 66 5203 (Mobile: 0780 376 2993)

I've tried to attach three photos but two of them were too big. I'll try compressing and sending in another posting :confused: :confused: :confused:


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OK, here's another picture . . .


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And here's another . . . I'm trying to make the images smaller guys, sorry that you need a wide-screen TV to view.


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I have one of Melvin's on my Blackbird with the honeycomb gel, its real comfortable.
Melvyn specialises in Pan Europeans and Blackbirds and this was his first GS, although he's done an RS/RT. I was a bit worried. I had him widen the rear of the rider's seat so my fat arse doesn't hand off the edges as it does on the standard seat and that has made a huge difference. But, it meant that it was a tight squeeze getting the seat on with pannier rails. Also, losing the slight overlap from the rear seat meant the rear was a bugger to get on as well. It's all fine now and I've discussed these issues with Melvyn so he's learnt a lot. He's done two other GSs since, one with a height reduction.
He's a bit of a "Del Boy" type entrepreneur but a likely chap (you can't get him to stop talking). I wanted to go to his house to see his work before I let him loose. I'd recommend him as long as you know exactly what you want and you can be quite specific about shape, cut, etc.
Yes I also know Melvin well. Bought a lowered seat from him for my Pan Euro 3 years ago. Just sold the seat to an old friend and it still looks like new. Real nice seat, however, like original corbins the seats are a little wider towards the front which effectively makes it a little higher. Not for the vertically challenged without trying one before buying.
As with most purchases in life the debate seems to follow Value v Quality, we tend to believe that if you pay more then the quality and after sale service will be better.
Well I've not bought a seat from Melvin, but I have recently purchased a Corbin from Equinox, the sole UK agent, total package including backrest roughly £680. A lot of money which included the above mentioned foreplay of a 3 month wait.
After less than a 1000 miles I noticed that the rear seat pad has a tiny split, and no "Fraulein 52 Cup" has not been a pillion - nobody has. So I visited Equinox, which is not a shop but a house, Nick said "there is a fault caused by overstretching the leather on to the fibreglass mould during the manufacturing process" - that if I left him/sent him the seat he would try his car seat man - "who has some sort of wonder glue" - "but he's always busy" - "it might take a month or so" - "of course your old BM rear seat won't fit with the front Corbin" - "I'll ring you tonight" (which he didn't) - "sorry mate but Corbin can't be bothered with the UK market even though I sell 300 a year"
So to recap £680 has bought me poor delivery, quality and service but a very comfortable front seat! No "sorry" or "I'll get that replaced" or the promised phone call.

Chris :mad:

Get a full refund as the goods are not fit for the use, no ammouint of glueing will fix it, then go see Melvin with your seat and get a fistfull of change.

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