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My SPC supplied '99 1150 GS was supplied without a Country Code Plug. Prestige spotted this and supplied a yellow one. SLM think that (a) it should have a beige/brown one and (b) are amazed that it ever ran without a plug as they believe that the fuel pump feed runs through the CCP.

Comments please.

TIA Richard
color code plug

my 1150gs ,june 2000 has never had one it was an import from germany but aren't they all , it runs fine don't worry about it. Andy
Mine doesn't have one either.

Gives you real confidence when a dealer says that your fuel pump runs through something that doesn't exist!!
What is a Country code, plug?

Is it similar to DVD's which only run in a certain country sold DVD player?

As in, we are in the Asian or Oceania district and the Western European DVD's don't work in the player?

Does it mean the computer is programmed to run at different pollution levels, like super clean for Switzerland and slightly dirtier but faster, elswhere?

Or does it just signify, where the machine was originally sold!

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Needlongerlegs Has No Plug Either

Just looked @ mine it has no plug either, perhapes thats why it goes so much better since I fitted a 'Y' pipe instead of the cat.


PS. the Cat is much happier sitting on top of the garage rather than zooming along under a bloody great yellow motorbike.

The coding plug is located in the electrical box under the seat, one row forward of the fuses.

If you replace (or even temporarily remove) the coding plug, you should uninstall the 5th fuse from the left of the fuse bay for a few seconds and then reinstall it to reset the injection memory and clear any "faults."

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