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Hi. Wife and I have just become reformed Ducati owners and purchased 2 1150GSs after a short stint with an R1100S and R1150R. man, the Gs is a SWEET bike! Now looking at spending more money (naturally). I have a couple of quick questions for UK riders on some parts that are either only available from UK/Europe and/or a a HELL of a lot cheaper than buying via US and paying duty twice (UK-US-Canada):

1. What have been your experiences ordering from MotoBins and/or

2. Any thoughts on Hepco-Becker tank/engine bars vs. ones from Zwicker-Design (sold by Wunderlich in US)

3. Does anyone have a pic of the BLUE ZD bars on a bike?

4. Has anyone installed the MotoBins mesh steel rack replacement for the rear seat?

Thanks much. Hope I can return the favor.
GS Fun Factory / H & B bars

G'day CG. Welcome to the world of GS's ; your wallet will never be the same again ........

I've had no problems with the service from The GS Fun Factory as far as shipping to Oz has been concerned ; goods arrived on time and undamaged, and at about 60% of the available-in-Australia price. Communication was also problem-free.

I changed some Tourarech 'bars for H & B's for easier access for oil changes, had no trouble fitting 'em. Be aware that H & B's will touch down before the (Touratech extended) footpegs. Don't ask me how I know this .......

You've made the only sensible choice ; enjoy your GS's !



Thanks very much for the kind greeting. Good news about GSFF. Have had Ducatis and just lately R1100S and (wife) R1150R. Nice bikes, but after a spur of the moment GS test ride, we knew we were in trouble. Two weeks later, my blue and white '03 is in the garage and wife's '03 (black) is to be delivered Friday. Sad that we start looking through accessories catalogs so quickly. The hell with it. No one will ever die saying they spent too much time riding a bike.

BTW: What this about funnel spiders or such I read about in some guys tour of Oz? seem to be nasty little SOBs.

Nasty little SOBs

Most of the nasty little SOBs are in the house of representatives and federal parliament .......;)

It's true, we do have our share of funnel-web spiders, and another nasty little bloke, the red-back spider. They're usually found in woodpiles and around garden sheds and the like. You just have to be observant, they're not a great problem. Snakes are more dangerous, but they're not as lethal as our bunyips ..........

BTW, now'd be a good time for you to take a "before" picture of your new GS's; it sounds like you're about to embark on the long and pleasant journey a lot of GS owner take to personalise their bikes. I was disappointed not to make Touratech's christmas card list last year .........

Phil (and Amanda)
To Canuck, the first thing I would seriously think of doing, is to replace the fuel line clamps with ones that can be tightened, as in the hose clamp type.

I, and quite a few other people have had the experience of leaking fuel. This is something I would discuss with the shop selling you the bike. I have seen so many leaking that it's no longer funny

Once you have gotten fuel on a warm engine you will have a yellowish stain that cannot be removed. Apart from that, fuel on a hot engine is not a good idea!

Hey Phil, who's Amanda?

If that's the name of your bike there had better be a good explanation.

The best name of a bike I've ever heard was in 1976 and I met a fella from WA on a daytona Orange R90s. He referred to it as a "half sucked Marellan Tube", which I thought was original. He still has the bike.


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