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Aug 19, 2004
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Replacing the bits after my recent excursion I was wondering if I did straighten the engine bars would they still be as effective as before? Given that a set of H&B bars are reasonably priced should they be replaced?

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This confused smilie is getting a lot of use lately!!!

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If they are for an 1100gs then I'm afraid that they not repairable and if attempted would present great danger. They should be forwarded to me for safe disposal.

If they are for any other non compatable model and are made out of steel then there is no reason why they cannot be repaired, repainted and refitted. You would need access to Oxy/Da.

If you will have to pay for repairs etc it will probably be a close call between repair V replacement.

Noddy, with Oxy/Da and power tools and painting equiptment and access to powder coating and I know a man who does stove enameling but I need a set of bars.
Thanks for the reply. I'll send them up to you for repair and disposable. When you find they're off an 1150 would you mind sending them back.

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