Cross-Spoked Vs Die-Cast Wheels


Hi All,

Once again, the wisdom of the forum would be appreciated. I'm pretty sure mine's going to be a blue / black / black one, but not so sure which wheels are best. Although there will be lots of road-touring at first, I'm likely to get the off-road bug eventually, so I'm leaning towards the cross-spoked, but would appreciate observations on any differences in road handling, maintenance, tyre choice etc. What are yours like to live with? Any regrets? Anyone been lucky enough to compare both?

Cheers, Steve

The demo I rode had spoked wheels, mine has alloys. I think given the choice I would have bought spoked wheels but it was a cancelled order so I bought it rather than wait till I was old to take delivery <G>

I must say I love the handling and also feel that the alloys will handle the off road that i'm ever likely to do (probably never ever in fact)
I had difficulty deciding and in the end I plumped for alloys on the basis that they are lighter, which seemed to me to be part of the point of the new 'lighter' GS. and they can cope with light off road i.e un-metalled roads, fire tracks etc.

I did wonder which type of wheel the suspension is optimised for; or is it so low tech that it doesn't make any difference.
Spoked wheels look sooooooooooooooooooooo much better on the GS :D

Fatboy's thread on 'drinking oil' has just reminded me of a few 'events' that suggest spoked wheels (maybe with nobbies) could be best. Apart from my mention in that thread of trying to negotiate the track-side camp-ground (mud pit) at the Phillip Island MotoGP on 450kg worth of RT, I also recall hitting a house brick one night on a motorway in Sydney (on my 250cc learner bike - best forgotten) and negotiating 25km of dirt road in central Queensland, which included fish-tailing through some freshly graded stuff (on the RT again). It wasn't one of my better ideas at the time, but it was the only way into Carnarvon Gorge, which I'd ridden over 2,000km to see.:nenau

Besides, Tobers makes a pretty convincing case for spokes. :D
Spoked wheels look sooooooooooooooooooooo much better on the GS

I think I agree UNTIL you come to clean the d**n things. :)

Having already seen one 1200 GS with a dented front rim, I'm certain that I would opt for wire spokes.

I admit that the 1200 with the bent front rim was ridden hard, but it only takes one pot hole on a dirt road or track to dent the rim.

So far my 1100 with wire spoked rims has not dented anything and last month going to Innamincka I hit two beauties fully loaded and two up around 80/90 Km/h. Both times you could feel the whole bike jar instantly as both the front and rear suspension bottomed out and give that sickening dull thud that starts in your spine and travels right up to your neck, which causes one to say, "sugar, that was hard".

I cleaned mine yesterday actually. Didn't take long at all - maybe 10 mins per wheel. Just squirt with Muc-Off, wait a bit, then agitate with a pointy brush and rinse off - sorted.

I particularly enjoy the agitation with the pointy brush part.
Wire wheels bend as well. They cost more to fix and try and find someone that can do the job. Die cast wheels are cheap and easy to fix as long as the dent is not square. I've gone with die cast on the advise of BMW as well there warranty.

No matter what wheels you have you should avoid all bad pot holes at speed. You could bend the bike frame as well!!!
Wire wheels do bend (not that easy), but are IN NO WAY more expensive to repair.-
don't base your choice on which is easier to repair ( cast usually unless catastrophic )

IMO spoke wheels win hands down for looks alone.

A GS is 'supposed' to be a little bit off-roady so should have spokes.

BMW spoke wheels with the external spokes look even more classy so no choice really.

up to you tho' ??
Spokes it is!

Thanks for the opinions, I've decided on the spokes. Missing out on the die-cast clad bike that Hoove had available made me realise that I did really want the spokes afterall. It was a slight relief when I found out.
Cheers, Steve

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