Cylinder Head nuts after End Float adjustment?


I've just adjusted the Rocker end float (R1200 GS) following the easy-to-follow steps detailed by Steptoe in 'Font of All Wisdom; but I have a question niggling away at me.
When re-tightening the Hex nut (which is also a cylinder head nut I believe) the procedure is to tighten to 20Nm then turn a further 180degrees. So far, so good. BUT - the BMW Repair Manual states that-
" If a cylinder tiebolt was slackened in order to permit repairs to be effected, for example, the security of the cylinder head fasteners must be checked after approx. 1000 km (600 miles)."
SO - how do you check the tightness of a nut which has been tightened to 20Nm plus 180degrees; you can't use a torque wrench - can you? If you loosened the nut and re-tightened it as above, then you'd STILL need to check it AGAIN,after yet ANOTHER 600 miles later.

Also - when loosening just one cylinder head nut is it O.K. to just re-tighten that one; OR should all 4 nuts be loosened and retightened in sequence?
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I've got an 1150, done the same as you without any problems. Probably find that the 600 mile retorque is to tighten down the head gasket. I just tightened the one.

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