Decent pub in Manchester city centre?


I've got a course in Manchester next week.

I'm staying at some place called the Premier Lodge that I'm told is near the station. Any recommendations for pubs with decent beer (and food if possible) in the centre? What about restaurants?

By the way not pubs with loud sound systems (but live music is OK :D )



There are three Premier Lodges in town. One near Victoria Station (opposite the Cathedral) and one near Piccadilly Station (Portland St), the other is out by G-mex centre.
If it’s Portland St then drink in the Old Monkey almost directly opposite. Joseph Holts ale the best and still the cheapest in England (although it’s just gone up to £1.40/pint).
This hotel is also very convenient for China town.
If it’s the Victoria station hotel then there’s Deansgate a short walk away, with a myriad of bars. Or the Crown and Cushion behind the Cathedral that also sells Holts, which after all is the true cream of Manchester.
Hope this helps.
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If your on expenses Try Smimla Pinks - Its an Indian But not as we know it!
Very very good food very modern and not cheap Not far from your hotel near the Law Courts

The Cafe Bar Centro on Tib street despite its name serves great beer and is very 'lively'
Enjoy a great city
This is weird. I thought I had replied to this already???

Nonetheless, thanks a lot guys. I'm near Victoria Station (so I'm told) so I'll check out the recommendations around there.

As I'm only on limited expenses I think £1.40 a pint sounds just about right :beer:

Thanks again.


Rusholme is about 2 miles to the south of the town centre.
About a fiver in a cab.
Known locally as the curry mile, think of Brick Lane then double it. There's at least 50+ restaraunts and as many take aways.
If you like a curry then there's nowhere else like it in the country.
Thanks blowszorn, I'll be there tomorrow and if I get a chance I'll go out there.



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