DIN 4165 plug for 1200GS - aaagh!


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Jul 31, 2007
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Borders, Scotland
HI there. Can anyone tell me where I can buy cables that have this plug end on them already, rather than having to plug UK "cigarette type" cables in to an adaptor, which then plugs in to the bike.
Alternatively, I know that Nippy Norman to DIN plugs that you can hardwire - same question; where can I get the various cables that will alow me to collect my various gizmos - MP3, phone etc. Cheers, Stevie A :thumb2
I had this thought but was reminded that many of the power cables for the various gadgets drop the voltage from 12v to about 5.5v which is about what you get from a USB connection. If you fit a BMW plug to your gadget's cable you will get 12 volts. Make sure the gadget can take it. In my own case the sat nav can cope with 12v or 24v but my ipod can only take 5.5 volts.

If the gadget can take 12v Nippy's plug is easy to fit.

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