Does 6'8" and an 1150 Adventure work?


OK, so thinking about joining you guys from the world of Africa Twins, but not sure what mod's people have made for comfort, i.e. wind tubulence over the screen, seat height increase, peg lowering etc. I would be very interested to hear fromt the tall riders out there to see if a solution can be found?
I'm a 6'5 dwarf... i've managed to live with the seat and pegs as they are.. but will at some point give in and have the seat built up.. and perhaps the pegs lowered.

don't know anything about the 1150 adv screen... but just fitted an MRA Vario to my antique 1100 and it works a treat.

btw.. a lot of gsers rave about the Sargent seat... but i was very disappointed to discover that they have lowered it by an inch - and its not possible to buy one higher.... mutter mutter.
Welcome Talljohn I am 6'8" and I ride an 1150 Adventure, with Touratech Bar risers and the wundelich peg lowering kit with the touratech wide pegs and its an excellent set up, although it does make it easy to get the pegs down. The Adventure is the bike for us longshanks.
If you move from a AT as i did i needed to lower the pegs as it "felt" wrong compared to the AT also bar risers too.:thumb2..
you may struggle with getting both feet down, but there are companies who offer seat lowering services ....... :D
I think I will be joining you guys. Just need to find one now around £5k!
Normal-sized people like us


Welcome to UKGSer!

I'm 6' 6" - I've got an 1150GS (not Adv - they are about 25mm higher than standard GS's, longer side stand etc.).

First change is buy Tobinators (from Nippy Norman, link at top of page) - std screen WILL buffet. Whatever screen you have can then be altered in angle/height - I changed the screen (I had an Adv one originally) to a Wunderlich one which is massive but I like. MVA Vario gets good votes; there are plenty to choose from (TT, CeeBailey etc)

I have a 40mm higher std seat (custom build - bought off this forum) - any good seat man will rebuild a GS seat to your spec. Plenty of threads (search "custom seat" or similar). One tip is too ensure the front of the seat is built-up more than the rear as you sit further back so the "sweetspot" needs to be moved back too. I modded the mounting frame under the seat for c. 10mm more by adding longer bolts with spacers - the gap to the tank is not too bad as I have a tank cover on.

I have bar-backs, not risers, these bring the bars back about 30mm to let me sit more upright/further back. Don't know what make, bought (like everything else) secondhand on this fine forum.

I've just bought some MV footpeg lowerers but they've not arrived; these should address legroom BUT usually compromise cornering clearance and/or brake/gear pedal (TT do a modified gearpedal) so time will tell. Other pegs which are lower are available too - e.g. Fastway, Wunderlich and TT. Some people simply remove the BWM rubbers to get a but more space (and vibes)!

Basically I bought a GS thinking it would be big enough but in truth they aren't that big, but modding is all part of the fun and there are plenty of solutions out there! Still love the bike after 3 years.

Hope this helps

I tried a 1150 GSA and found my knees were splayed out with the tank but the 12GS was just perfect :thumb2 I`m 6`6" and long in the leg :D
Thanks for all the advice. I guess, I will see what I end up with and then start to buy some of the products. Andysdad - let me know what you think of the pedals. I thought the Touratech versions looked good and looked as they they dropped height by about 40mm.

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