Does the G650 X have a standard immobiliser???


Just adding a bike to my eBike insurance policy, a G650 Xmoto. Does the G650 have a standard immobiliser?? There is a small reduction on the quote if it has a BMW immobiliser. I know my 1200GSA had an immobiliser as standard and I assume so does the G650.

No biggie. the additional quote for the G650 on top of the 1200GSA is just 75 pounds for about 11months without immobiliser and 68 pounds with. Cant believe how cheap it is.
i know the f650gs bikes don't. Seeing as the g650's have the same engine i'd assume the wiring is the same therefore no immobiliser. :nenau

i could be horribly horribly wrong tho :augie
AFAIK............they don't have one (bloody good job as well)

GS650 engine and wiring loom

As simple as it gets on a 2007 BMW GS:augie

Best check with the dealer to be sure, but it's not listed in the brochure I have here
Cheers Paul, that does help. mine is standard so will be the same :thumb

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