Does this come off?

Mucky Helmet

I'm wanting to fit one of Rob's magic switches and could do with getting the top of the fuse box off but it doesn't appear to fit through the frame (all four screws are removed). Is this one of those Christmas cracker type puzzles that can only be done one way or am I trying to fit the preverbial camel.

If the top doesn't come off how do I get into the fusebox?

Do I need to remove all the fuse and relay fittings?

Hoping someone can help...

Believe it or not with some gentle swearing, bending and twisting that bastard fusebox top does come out but only a small amount as most of the wiring is still intact. Just close your eyes and twist it on one side slowly pulling it out.

It took us two or three tries untill we decided to just go for it.

If it does not work the first time - resort to violance :)
Cheers Dirk!

Popped the fuse strip out and gave it some wellie. Looks like an evening in the garage for me now. :D



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