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Jul 20, 2002
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Hello all,

I'm looking for a set of earphones that enable a helmet to be worn without them being ripped out every time I put it on - ones that fit flush in the ear cavity and have superb sound quality.
I will be hooking them up to my shiny new ipod.
All help is much appreciated


Beemer Pod ;)


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Had the same concerns a short while ago with earphones and found two that matchd my needs. First is the Sony MDR-EX70LP and the other is the Koss Plug. Both sit in ear and have soft surrounds that seal the ear canal. I bought the Sony's and the sound is excellent though don't lose the soft surround, as I have, since it is proving hard to find replacements (three sets are supplied of varying sizes to suit). The Koss are cheaper but were not in any local shop but seem to do the same job (about £16). Amazon UK have the Sony's.


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Cheers Andy

I've ordered a set of the sony's. They get rave reviews, so they must be worth it.
Andy, do either of these provide hearing protection, ie are they meant to cut out ambient noise?

MikeO (seriously considering an Ipod:D )
Andy, do either of these provide hearing protection, ie are they meant to cut out ambient noise?

MikeO (seriously considering an Ipod:D )
Ultimate Ear do proper monitors which are custom made earplugs with built-in speakers for a stonkingly reasonable £130!! (Headset Services nearer £200 mark, Greenleopard ??? but Nathan will be along to tell you soon)

Not in the same price bracket I'll give you but for the man who has shelled out on an SPIII(BMW-NAV)/Autocom/Bike2Bike/iPod set-up prolly not out of scope :D
Cheers, yer honour. I'm considering having the iPod completely separate from my Autocom set up (you forgot 'mobile phone@;) ) and using the earplug headphones when I wanted music, which isn't going to be that often. Any pointers on the cheapest place to get a 20Gb Windows iPod?

helmet speakers

why dont you put a set of speakers in your helmet..

maplins doa set for bike to bike use,, i altered them and connected a minidisk to the speakers instead of a walkie talkie, now i have a great stero sound loud enough in my helmet and no sore ears from a earpiece catching as i pull off my helmet..

plus u can wear earplugs as well if you need them,.

have one for sale if you want it.. 15 quid

ive upgraded to autocom



sorry didnt see u have autocom already..

is this not good enough?

i find the sound ok from the autocom set up..



I've just upgraded to the Autocom 7 Sport (or something like that:p ). I'm also going to fit the extra loud speakers they've started doing for it, which are not music compatable - hence the thought about separate earplug speakers for the iPod. The Autocom just isn't loud enough for me (slightly high tone deaf, GS buffet & Schuberth Concept [great, but not quiet]); plus I won't want to listen to music all the time (enforced long Motorway journies etc only).

Andy, do either of these provide hearing protection, ie are they meant to cut out ambient noise?

They are not advertised as such but the Sony's certainly do block out much of the outside noise. Not as much as "proper" ear-plugs ( though they are still better than none) but enough to cut out most of the wind noise and allow good sound to be delivered from the radio/CD etc.
I tend to put on music when in "cruising" mode but when the odd hooligan urge takes over I dont play music but pop in some ear plugs.

I'd look at the Etymotics ER-6 or ER-4...The ER-6's block up to 20 dB of ambient noise and sound superb. They laso fit very flush with the ears - I use a Schuberth and they aren't uncomfortable at all. The ER-4's are quite a bit more expensive the the 6's and I don't think that they fit in a helmet as well...
We use the Sonys described above and to good effect.

The sound is excellent, you may need to play around a bit at first to get the best results for sound blocking from outside sources.

I thought that by sticking them in as deep as they would go that I would get the best result........wrong!

For me anyway.......I find that they seal better only just into the ear canal.

Once in, they do what it says on the Tin......;)



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