easy removal of BMW Adventure alu pannier mounts?


Hi all,
does anybody if the BMW mounts for the official Alu adventure panniers kan be easily removed?
So you don't see those ugly mounts when you decide to ride without panniers.
Just a thought; I like the BMW alu cases a lot, but dislike the enormous mounts. SO if they can be easily removed, that would do the trick for me.

I know that other panniers (fe TT, HB,...) have smaller mounts, but my favorite panniers are the BMW alu ones:eek:
as i understand it they are quite difficult to remove well time consuming at least.
which is why i went for ally top box for everyday and normal bm
luggage for trips but easyto remove:shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot:
Takes about 10 minutes or less to take off 10 bolts ;)
as they are made by BMW all holes match so no pissing about when putting them back on.


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