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Jaq Draco

I have a 2001 1150-gs with 17.5K on the clock. when riding in 4th 5th or 'E', between 4500 and 5000 revs there is a 'flutter' noise from the engine. It runs ok with no loss of power, and is not drinking oil, it has been suggested that this may be a ball bearing oil valve? and is quite normal. the bike is booked in for its 18K service, I have mentioned it, but has anyone heard of this before. I am reasonably happy that it is not a cam chain or anything like that.

:boozer Thanks in advance
Jaq Draco said:
it has been suggested that this may be a ball bearing oil valve?

...suggested by someone who doesn't know his balls from his bearings, perhaps. WTF is a ball bearing oil valve??
well, apparently there is a valve between the two cylinders that equalises? oil pressure. this is the form of a ball bearing that moves back and forth in a housing. the BMW salesman told me this, so it could be complete tosh.
Jaq Draco said:
so it could be complete tosh.

....I will merely reiterate my previous post on the matter!!.......

Utter bo11ocks - please can anyone educate and contradict me on this one?
Oil pressure relief valve.

Indeed some oil pressure relief valves are of the 'ball bearing type' as opposed to the bullet or sleeve type of design. Some people like the ball kind as this is less likely to become jammed in the event of a metal particle getting in to the mechanism. The oil pressure relief valve is normally sited as close to or in some engines actually in the oil pump. But oil pressure equalisation?

I tend to agree with Littleredrooster's theory....;)

Have you checked the alternator drive belt tension, this can produce a 'fluttering' sound if it is slightly loose. In some instances it can also sound very mechanical in origin and make you think a bearing or bearings on the way out.:)
as far as engines go, i know i have to put that pietroel stuff in the top and the owel stuff in the bottom......

its due for a service next week i will ask them to check it. ta.

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