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As seems to be the informed opinion that the GS ECU is taken outside its mixture range by fitting a can, could it not be bought back into its range by the current car favourite trick of fitting a (variable ) resistor to the temperature sensor.

i'm sort of thinking aloud and typing at the same time,as i realise there isn't a water temp sensor, but there must be some sort of temp variable sensor somewhere.
Anyone know where or what colour wire to hunt out ?

Any other thoughts ?
I've always assumed that the air-temperature sensor is what stills in the top of the air-filter box.

Where is the oil temp sensor? It shows the engine temp on the dash so the wiring must be accessible from around there.
If you have an R1100 there is already a variable resister fitted, it's located on the right side of the bike, to the rear, under the tool tray. If you look along the right hand rim of the rear mud guard you'll see a hole where it bulges slightly and that's where you stick you screw driver to adjust it. (Now all you 1150 owners know why there's a hole there and a spare connector under the tool tray!) Apparently it's for adjusting the CO level when measured at the silencer for non CAT bikes.
Now, a friend of mine who's on the force says that the police mechanics adjust this up from about 1.5 to over 3 and it makes the bikes much better around town, he's had his 1100GS (with race can) done the same and says it's a whole lot better now.
So upping the CO richens the mixture but what effect it has on fuel consumption i've no idea, my friend has the large tank so he's not worried any way, but if you're thinking of giving it a try take your bike to somewhere that's got a CO meter don't just fiddle and hope as god knows what might happen!!

does this mean that i won't have to buy a techlusion unit before i fit a race pipe to sort the fuelling out? i can simply 'manually' richen the mixture to compensate for the better breathing?

Excellent - this is exactly what i was hoping for - already having the var. res. in place is just the icing on the cake.

this makes the 1100 better than the 1150 then ?

i'll be down to the local mot station soon.

as an aside - i've fitted a straight thru' Remus to my 1100 and aprt from the increase in power and torque havent noticed any other ill effects - yet.

weekend just gone i rode from guildford to penzance pretty much non-stop and as close to 5000 revs as possible (85-90 ) most of the way.
Used fuel every 200mls - so hardly any change from stock.

what i did notice was - after cruising at constant throttle for a while, then accelerating,there was a slight hesitation - which i suppose is lean mixture - which is where my initial question came from
ECU Mixture

Right then, the ECU controls the amount of fuel to be injected by allowing the injectors to open for longer or shorter periods of time (measured in milisecs) this is known as pulse width. Even with a variable resistor or a temp sensor giving an eronious reading the ECU will still be recieving inputs from the Lambda sensor (if retained) so the mixture will be leaned off to meet the pre-set perameters as far as possible. True a small increase in richening up may occur but not by much.

It ought to be possible to source larger injectors (same physical size but the orifice is bigger) for no other mods you should then see a marked change in CO levels (richer). The Lambda and ECU will still try to correct the fuelling but it will be opertating on the end of its control map and should not affect the overall desired effect of a cooler running engine at cruise and more power (a little) when going for fit!

An adjustable fuel pressure regulator could be sourced (Demon Tweeks) to provide another way of helping the engine to receivea richer mixture. But all of these mods would have to be removed at MOT time.
Re: Scuse me

The Mechanic said:
Whats AFAIK?

As far as I know --- It's these IT Techies, abbreviate everything so they know and no one else does.
littleredrooster-- Some job youve got, sign into site every morning around 9:04 Any vacancies?
Some job youve got, sign into site every morning around 9:04 Any vacancies?

Sign OFF the site around that time.

Well, not for much longer - told at 10:30 this morning that I'm being made redundant. Bugger. Bollox. How do I keep the beast fed and watered now? And wot about the bike?


Anybody got a nice cushy job in the Midlands for me?
Sorry 'bout news littlered, Panzer informed me not long after Post. Good luck with the Job hunt.

Apologies to others for Thread 'Hi-jack'

Commiserations Littlered, I too am out of work but hopefully (things crossed) only until Sept.

I know someone who's looking for a Public House Manager, but I expect that is probably not your forte.

Good luck with the job quest.
I know someone who's looking for a Public House Manager,

Putting me in charge of a Pub would be like asking King Herod to do your babysitting, I fear!

Apologies for the continuing thread hijack.

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