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You lucky people...

On the Saturday evening, we're going have the fab sounds of

Big Bob's Blues Band :thumb2

Bigbob1 is a fellow Tosser (you may already be familiar with some of his fine photography in the Photo Section) and I'm reliably informed that he is an absolute ace blues guitarist and I'm really looking forward to this :thumb2

Many thanks to Bob and his band who are doing this at a very special price for us :clap :clap :clap
Nice one, Big Bob n his Blues Band:clap:drinkinpa:fiddle:steptoe:peach:
Is it the same Big Bob as seen on T.V.

Al Murray's Happy Hour.

Big Bob, Big Bob, BigBobBigBobBigBob.

I'm coming to a bike do, nothing an event that indulges you in your perversions....:blast

The bikes are just a cover !

Oonyack does like getting close to the action.


And this film was taken later in his room, with 2 lad's lured in of the street.

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