Essex air ambulance charity run

andy malton

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Jan 3, 2002
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Harwich Essex
Anybody going on this tomorrow?It leaves ford dunton works near Basildon at 11am,and the destination is Harwich where it basically takes over the whole seafront.Last there was 3000 bikes,this year is expected to be bigger,ok it's not going to be the most interesting ride,but it's all for a worthy cause if you live in Essex that is.Andy
That's not a run, thats a ride. I'm doing a proper run for our local air ambulance in October. I'm doing the BUPA great south run , 10 miles proper running ( ok then I might walk a bit of it....age and excess of weight doesn't help). But hey, anything for the air ambulance is a good shout in my opinion. I rekon to get nearly a grand in sponsorship.......probs keep it going for about 8 hours then!!!

Yep I'll be there - never know when you might need the essex air ambulance:(

If anyone fancy's a blast down Essex's own cresta run tomorrow lunchtime PM me. Now that is a run:)

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