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Jan 30, 2001
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I've just accuired a Garmin Etrex Summit is there any way to upload waypoints to it from MapSource. I have the cable but mapsource says it can not find the GPS.

It's on com 2 as is my 176 which works fine when connected :confused:
Hello Paul:

First of all, very nice BB you have here, I have enjoyed participating since I discovered it a few weeks ago.

Concerning your eTrex - I have never owned one of these so I am no expert on them. But, if it is designed to accept data from the MapSource application (waypoints, routes, etc.) then I think all you have to do is specify what "port" on your computer the GPSR is connected to.

Up until last summer, this was easy - every GPSR out there used the serial port. Now, it is possible to connect by serial, connect by USB, connect by using a PCMCIA data card programmer - lots of choices.

On the "FILE" menu of MapSource, go to the "Save To" command, and select the appropriate connection method for your GPSR. It's probably serial for the eTrex series, perhaps there is an eTrex owner out there who can confirm this. You will then get a modal dialog box that gives you the option of pressing an appropriate button for USB or serial, be sure the serial button is pressed, and the appropriate com port is selected. I think there is an "Autodetect" feature in that dialog box you can use as well.

Lastly, check to see if you have the latest version of the MapSource application. The current version is 5.4, and if you have any previous version installed (all the way back to 2.0, the original release) you can download a free update from the Garmin website.

"Your MapSource coupon code is valid for use with your own GARMIN GPS unit. If you own two GARMIN GPS units, you are allowed to obtain a second unlock code for the same region at no additional charge. Simply repeat the unlock process for the second unit. This agreement provides a one-user license, and it is illegal to share this data with others. " text from Here

See the full post from Gazza HERE.
I didn't need an unlock code for the 176 :confused: or am I missing something here
Paul G (BHT) said:
I didn't need an unlock code for the 176 :confused: or am I missing something here

Paul M8,
No, you don't. Don't listen to 'im. E knows nothin'.

I have a "Vista" so I do. Know things, that is.

1st, make sure you've got the plug plugged in correctly. It is easy to have one side of the plug on top of the slots.

2nd, try "auto-detecting" the unit. This should be an option when the data transfer is initiated and the GPS cannot be found. I sometimes have to do this myself after I've fiddled with Mapsource.

The route and waypoint data shouldn't take very long to load. Even long routes and lots of waypoints should go in in about a minite or so. The maps, however, are a different matter. The 24MB of the vista takes about 45 mins.

Don't know what I was doing wrong before but, I've just pluged everything back in and tried again...... It works :)

Nice one m8.... sorted



I'm glad to hear that it works. Are you using the MapSource application to transfer data?

I just noticed (today) that Garmin has released a new product, Trip and Waypoint Manager, for users who own GPSR's with no built in map detail.

Perhaps this is intended only for users who do not already own a cartographic product - in which case it would not apply to you, since you already have a cartographic product for your 176, therefore, you have a licence to use MapSource for waypoint, route and track transfers.


Paul, have a search for a program called Gartrip. It is a waypoint manager (and then some). I think it is excellent. Free download of limited program, full functions about £25 but well worth it.
Cheers men, thanks for all the info.... the GarTrip program looks interesting... just got to try and work out how to use it :)

The bit I like about Gartrip, especially for hillwalking, is that you can take any map and scan it in as a jpeg or similar. Then you calibrate it in Gartrip using 2 points on the map whose location you know (eg grid refs) and then you can create trips and waypoints direct on the map.

I have only done this with OS maps but it would be possible with road maps as well providing you can get to exact grid refs or long/lat to set up the calibration.

As a lot of road maps dont have national grids I thought you could use road junctions as the refs and get the exact long/lat from Autoroute to enter into the calibration screen.

Does this make sense?!?!?
It does make sense but, I can't work out how to get a scaned map into the Gartrip program :confused:
Paul when you suss the Summit out!

Show me, please. I have one, I use as a speedo for the old recks
I drive. Can we link it with Autoroute?

Cheers Geoff

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