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Apr 13, 2008
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After deciding, on advice from this forum, to leave the factory fitted exhausts on my Dakar I now need to obtain some panniers, does anyone have any suggestions about where I can get some decent panniers from without having to pay £320 which is what the BMW dealer (not London)quoted - please?

Thank you in advance for your help.
I have the H&B Alu Standard Panniers, crashed once on em, reasonable ok i thought. Better than TT anyway, stronger boxes.
build your own, its what i'm doing. they should be as strong as mules when they're done and will only cost me about £200. and that includes a rack and getting the whole lot powder coated.
You could always buy secondhand varios and not fall off :augie:augie:augie

I got mine for £80 inc rails. Thay aren't pretty but they get filled with stuff and stick on the side of the bike like panniers are supposed to :thumb
There is a slight small chance i may be selling my H&B Alu Standard (with matching locks) panniers and frames very shortly, i will know by middle of next week. FYI.
You could always buy secondhand varios and not fall off :augie:augie:augie

yeah, depends what you intend doing with them. if all you're doing is road touring, then probably just about anything will suffice, even the TT ones. if you're planning on going RTW offroad, you might want something that isn't made of cheese.
Here's the manufacturers description of my fecked panniers that I had to abandon..,

"Hard in taking. Flexible and indestructible in giving. The Gobi made of artificial material presents a synthesis of function, design, and stability. The double walls make the GOBI with a volume of 37 litres extremely stable and robust - in any situation!"

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