F650GS - Rad leaks !!!


Well it was one of the hottest days of the year - 1.5 hours of riding to Andover for the Hog Roast only to find the coolant leaking out of the top right corner of the rad. Trying to find a logical explanation after only 2 years tender use and less than 5000 miles I asked the pilot ' has the fan cut in and scorched yer inner thigh lately? Reply: 'Funny you should ask - I haven't noticed it working this year!'

Into the Dealers soon after - this shouldn't have happened. The cooling fan isn't working - the rads expired, whats going on?

Rad replaced, fan replaced, switch gear appears o.k. - fan now working??? So why should it have packed up??? Anyone out there any ideas ??? Nothing wrong with the fan.
Have a good read on the Chaingang FAQS www.F650.com
The thermocouple on the switch is a bit naff (I think). A few owners rig a switch in the line so the fan can be tested.
It is a known problem.

Ride Safely...............
The radiators on the early F650GS models were fiited with sub-standard fixing straps to the top of the radiator, only about an inch wide and these sometimes 'tore' away from the radiator, causing a leak. If it was that you might have got the rad replaced under warranty. ;)

The later models have wider metal straps which support the radiator better. I recently saw an early model where the owner had cleverly modified it to support the radiator from below, by the use of rubber grommets at the lower fixing point to actually 'support' the rad rather than just 'locating' it.

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The computer failed on mine. Fan would get 12volts but not enough amps to make it turn.

Had to have a new computer installed.

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