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Aug 2, 2019
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I've had my suspension totally rebuilt front and rear as it was beyond hopeless.
The OE forks innards are simply put- rubbish.

My lucky star brought me to T-Tech Suspension ltd where I met Lucas.
It is refreshing these days to find a real suspension Engineer like him; a real craftsman.

So if you own a BMW (especially an Xcountry where parts are - ahem- " no longer available- no other components available") this is the man you need go see.

If BMwobbleyou tell you your shocks are not serviceable (and want thousands for a new one) get in touch with Lucas.
I heartily recommend him as he's transformed my Xcountry from a knackered old sow to a 'springbok'!!
You'll find him here:
Thanks Lucas, you're the Man.
Front forks fully adjustable now.


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in a nutshell
Front forks are O.E but that's all thats left.
Got rid of all the innards
Replaced by a cartridge and other little parts.

Rear Sachs shock stripped down, parts replaced, seals, cushion, spring change and other voodoo stuff which I've no understanding of but the result is a massively transformed machine.
I haven't 'pushed it' yet as I had to get home with a very dodgy brake hose which I now replaced with a way better than O.E bespoke from Venhill.
(p.s they now have the spec for this hose which they did not have before so no need to take yours off, you just need the magic word!)

As Lucas explained to me, there are no 'off the shelf packages available per se. for the Xcountry.
He added/replaced/made & modified some parts - which he can as he does CAD vodoo too and makes non-existent parts.

It takes a Pro to get this right so, if you want a suspension Engineer, get in touch with Lucas, you'll be glad you did.

He's even managed to lower the bike for me with no loss of suspension travel, cut my side stand to adjust the new lean angle, rewelded it and added a footprint too.
He really knows his onions from his challots.
And he refreshed and charged up my battery too!
Top Man in my book and a very friendly fellow too (y)
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Where is he based? Have looked on website but can't find d where he is based.
Addington, Croydon
'Darn sarf'!!!
Use the contact form to get in touch spelling out your moto and its needs
Very good reputation on here, been used by a lot of members, including myself, refurbished and lowered the shocks on my GS.

Yes he refreshed my xcountry rear spring last year. Bike is transformed, had an upgraded spring and revised damping.

Did the front fork springs myself and fitted hyperpro progressive springs.

Really transforms the bike.
If you want to treat yourself, go back to him and ask him to do to your forks what he did to mine.

Upgraded springs are mostly not efficient. One fork does damping and the other rebound just isn't right- but it is cheap.
He got rid of the useless innards, fitted a cartridge and made bespoke parts for a proper, fully adjustable suspension.
And boy do they do the business!


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@Yarkto - how much for the rear shock and how much for the forks? Could be a good winter job. I have sent an enquiry via TTech website 10 days ago but no response. Will give Denzo a call, just useful to know what I should be budgeting.
@BBB888 As I have previosuly mentioned, there are too many variables especially when it comes to suspension work and what it is you are hoping to achieve as an end result.
The BEST and fastest way is to contact Lucas- this is a busy time of year for him as people start to put their machines away for winter and decide to do suspension work amongst other jobs.
I'll repeat, at the risk of getting an electronic 'bun' thrown in my direction, that the work he did for me is not an off-the-shelf solution which can be posted.

As an example, after I have made all my choices and Lucas was working on my Xcountry, he spotted that the side stand needed shortening and he did so for me and welded a larger foorprint at my request. His attention to detail is excellent and he's a nice fellow.
You really would benefit from speaking with him.
OK thanks. Ill give him a bell. Was planning just sending shock to him but I could just take the whole bike.....
+ your weight dressed in bike gear+ luggage weight+ margin required+ what you are hoping to achieve.

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