First Ever Bristol Barnados Santas On A Bike

Cheesy Mike

Roughly 25 of us met up in Bridgewater this morning. We were impressed. We rode to Highbridge and picked up another 15. We were amazed. Rode to the Bristol park & ride at Long Ashton to pick up another 50 bikes. We were amazed. Rode to Clifton Downs and picked up another 100 bikes. We were overwhelmed. So nearly 200 bikes of all types, including people dressed as Santa and those in even more ridiculous fancy dress such as Harley Owners Group leathers, rode to the Barnados childrens home in Lawrence Weston to hand over what seemed like hundreds of christmas presents.

Quite a few GSers turned up. Next year we want every GSer in the South West and South Wales to come along.

Photos will be along soon.

Nice one Mike, would've been there but for work commitments. Hopefully next year!

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