First time buyer , what should I get ?


Hopefully I will have my bike this spring, first time bike owner. I have no equipment so far and I need your advice.

What should I buy first ? Probably I will fly to Germany to pickup the bike and drive back to Romania.

I thought I will need this:

A helmet , I really don't have any idea what brands to buy, what type and so on. I want a single helmet usable in all seasons.

Should I buy a heated suit for the first time ? I saw many people on this board recommend Gerbing heated suits. (that will include gloves, socks, jacket and pants) , other recommendations are highly appreciated

What boots should I buy for the first time ? Like the helmet , I want a single pair for the moment usable in all situations.

What other things do I need for the first time ? I want to have them prepared before I buy the bike.

Helmet: BMW System 5 (You may get a bargain as they're out quite a while now).. Quiet, good ventilation for the summer, good in the winter, steams up a bit though(no worse than most though).

Boots: Hein Gericke Rallye II Goretex. Very waterproof.. Not too warm, not too cool, very comfortable.

Suit... There's too many opinions on what to get.. Depends on what you want to spend, so best to do a search on this site (just make sure it's Goretex)
Hi Buna Ziua Dan!
How's Romania at the moment?
What are you planning to do on the bike, just ride on road, or go off it too, since that makes a difference to the type of kit you should get.
Good luck and riding back from Germany will be an experience in itself.:D:thumb
@Padge: I've read many positive reviews about System 5 helmet from BMW , I also had a look for a price: it's around 420-450 EUR.

How about BMW Rallye GS2 Boots ? any thoughts on them ?


Its snowing hard down here, not a very good time to make a visit. Christmas shopping makes people act crazy and the traffic is horrible. Otherwise its just fine.

I'm planing to ride the bike for the moment on road only and maybe I will do a bit of offroading , I need some time to accomodate with the bike on road first.
What are your thoughts regarding this combination

System 5 Helmet



ProWinter Gloves





"Phase Change Functional Undersuit"


+ (if possible)


+ Allround / Santiago boots


What are your thoughts regarding this combination

Good gear... But you'll be about €2000 lighter if you don't get a decent discount.

Streeguard gear very good but probably a bit warm for very hot summer days.
You NEED some summer gloves so get som BMW Rallye 2 gloves (the best gloves I own).
I'm going to buy them from United States , in US dollars...I'll save some bucks.

A summer pair of gloves will be added too , I really like the Rallye 2 gloves design too.

Here are some prices

BMW System 5 helmet (500$)
BMW StreetGuard2 Suit (pants - 525$ / jacket - 749$ )
BMW ProWinter Gloves 99$
BMW Phase Change Functional Undersuit (120$)
BMW Motorrad Protector Jacket (329$)
BMW Allround Boots (170$)
BMW Motorrad Premium Kidney Belt (69$)
BMW Neck Warmer Deluxe (29$)

That would be around 1800 EUR pricey ... but I think I need them...
Sorry to but in, but what does the Phase change inner suit do?
Is it thermal layer or is it year round warm in winter cooling in the summer choice?

I have a big issues with COLD. Its good only in cold weather.

What Man uses in space is also extremely helpful on earth. The “Phase Change Material,” originally used in aerospace applications, is highly suited to use in motorcycle clothing. It serves to regulate deviations in temperature, giving you the feeling of being “out there in heaven” even though you are still firmly on the ground.

Technology developed by space scientists
Paraffin capsules react to changes in body temperature
Stores and releases heat energy
Maintains comfortable body temperature
Most effective heat regulation at an outside temperature of 40-60°F
Fleece inner, smooth outer
Also suitable for hiking, skiing, hiking, etc.

I think it's this piece is a must for me.
Personally I really like my phase change undersuit. I find that it keeps me at a comfortable temperature. I rarely ever use the thermal liners that come with motorcycle jackets and trousers and find the Phase Change stuff work fine without thermal liners.

I also use Icebreaker thermal underwear which is excellent. Between the Icebreaker and BMW Phase change stuff I have three different options of layering from Icebreaker by themselves, right up to both Icebreaker and Phase Change at the same time. Still havn't washed the Icebreaker stuff and no pong yet, well not that I can smell. :rolleyes:

Helmet wise I always used to wear my BMW System 4 whatever I was doing. However I bought a BMW Enduro helmet when they first came out and really like it and my System 4 hardly ever sees the light of day. Works great for me on my R1200GS, but that's maybe because I am a shortarse and buffeting dosn't seem to be a problem. Good visibility and if you have the right head shape, then very comfortable.
Its snowing hard down here...Christmas shopping makes people act crazy and the traffic is horrible. Otherwise its just fine.

Sounds familiarly normal then!:D
The other guys know more about the kit and make sense.
If you are mainly on the road the boots should be fine too, noone else seems to have mentioned them - the main reason I asked if you were on or off road.
Good luck with the bike and ride safe.:thumb

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