Fitting a Touratech tank bag - help!

Steve Peake

Hi Everyone.

Just got my GS today - love it already! (Despite the fact it's pouring with rain)

I've bought a Touratech tank bag for it - the standard one, not the one with sidebags.

Anyone know how to fit the rear pad-thingy? No instructions came with the bag, and Bracken (where it was purchased from) are closed on Wednesdays!

I've had a look under the seat, and can't figure it out.

Any help much appreciated

I have this tankbag and have threaded the straps around the frame either side of the airbox and tucked loose ends under rear of tank. Hope this is some help or you may be close enogh to me
to ride over at weekend.

Gerry H

Hi Gerry

Thanks for the info - I'll have another go at fitting once it stops raining!



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