fitting adventure top box on a normal 1150gs


hi folks, anyone know if its ok to put the new adventure topbox on a normal 1150gs, does it need to have the adventure seat and rear unit or can it be fitted to any 1150gs? any ideas?

regards ..

and whay am i geting eth silver topbox, i know its pricey but it looks better and am told works better than the normal bmw box..

any thoughts?
Talking to the Spandau BMW factory guys @ Intermot show - 2 weeks ago - the Panniers will fit on 1150GS , but to fit the Topbox , you'll need the single seat and rack from the Adventurer - new cost for it £400-550.
Hepco and Becker will be producing replica BMW alloy boxes - contact them for a release date and fitment suitability.

thats what i sort of figured..

will have alook at the adventure when i get a chance tomorrow and see for myself if it is completly different or not..

typical bmw, maybe it would be easier for me to just buy an adventure.. but i like my baby now, just fitting a 30 ltr tank and getting a interesting paintjob done as well will post pics when its finished..

thanks for the info..
ok more info

ok after an hour with the bmw parts guy and his computer. I have discovered that a few things need to be done to fit the adventure top box on the normal gs..

1: need new back end bit and adventure seat,
that means u will also need seat fixing bits and seat locking bits
(im leaving out the technical jargon bcause im knackared at the moment and its not worth the bother remembering the part names, although i could give you part numbers.. naaaaaaa)

the good news is that the frame is the same on the adventure and the normal gs.. but not much else is.. :)

i am still actually waiting for conformation that these bits will bolt on without too much trouble,

also my parts guy has a topbox and fixing kit coming in so we can test it out, so that was decent of him..

prices for parts in ireland
top box fixing kit 114 euro top box 190 euro all black adventure seat one piece 194 euro side box 230 euro each, side mouts 266 euro, rear thingamybob unit and grip around 200 for all teh bits, includes grab rail and stickers etc..
these prices are plus vat and almost right, just remembering them of the top of my head.. i hae exact prices if anyone ants them..

so to turn your 1159gs into an adventure many bits are needed, but mightn't ad up to that much after all..

so has anyone tried this?


bits needed for upgrade..

ok here are the parts needed for the adventure seat and rear end upgrade..

1- - - bum stop - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 37 euros
8- - - cable holder - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 18 euros
6- - - support bracket x2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05 euros (total)
3- - - front seat bracket - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 20 euros
X- - - high seat all black - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 195 euros
7- - - bolts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 14 euros (approx)

prices are in euros with no vat added

other pieces not shown

lockunit for underseat, waiting for price for that..

rear end for adventure 168 euros plus a few quid for the grabrail
topbox is 190 euros plus 114 for the fitting kit againall prices have no vat added.. (will have images later)

these prices are not exact, have been rounded to nearest euro and my be different in uk..ok

hope this helps..

ps dealer said topboxes were released months ago but recalled to sort out leak proble, new boxes are available but not released yet, so unless you got some pull with your dealer u wont be getting one for a month or two..

hope this helps..




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:) Think I posted this on the wrong thread earlier.

It is possible to fit the Adventure Rack and Topbox on to a normal 1150GS as I did it on Saturday morning - looks fab

You need to remove the rear grab handle which then lines up with the end two holes of the rack.

Additionally you will need to purchase a further two locking nuts and make two plates to fit under the bike rack. I used a piece of u-section aluminium from B&Q witch is strong, light and works a treat.

If anyone is intersted I will post a picky when I get back home next week-end.

Steve C-G
Adv Topbox (& panniers!!!!) on std GS

There they are

First time I've sent pickys so bear with me

Not sure what order they will come up in but you should see;

1. Underside of rear rack showing securing arrangements - I'll tidy up screws when it stops raining.

2. All three boxes fitted.

3. New rear footpegs

4. Option of fitting larger right-hand pannier on rear as topbox

5. Pannier carrier unfolded and ready of box

6. All pannier carriers folded up

I would have got a better picture overall (showing beak!) but I'm getting soaked and camera is not waterproof.

Happy to help



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1. Underside of rear rack showing securing arrangements - I'll tidy up screws when it stops raining. Basically the front two bolts fit into the spacesleft by the hand-bar.

BMW then supply another four nuts and bolts to be secured onto the rack and a s/s plate (similar to the U-piece of Alu that I have used. The weight is well distributed over the rack.

p.s can't get this thing to upload more than one picky at a time so i'll upload separate messages.


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Adv topbox

New rear footpegs


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Adv topbox on GS

Option of larger topbox (rh pannier fits!)


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adv topbox on gs

View of RH pannier open


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adv topbox on gs

Panniers folded


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Looks great ....

.... thanks C-G. I think you've just sold another ADV top-box for BMW ....

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