Fitting an Autocom intercom on 1150GS

Simon Rixon

Hi folks,
Does anyone have experience on fitting an Autocom bike powered intercom to the 1150?

Usual advice is fitting it under the seat or, on models without ABS, under the tank. There's no room under the seat as we know and mine has ABS so I assume this means no room under the tank. The unit is the size of a large fag packet and is powered directly off the bike. I'm going for a bike to bike model if anyone has used this feature.

Any ideas for suitable fitting places that ideally protect it from the worst of the weather?

Many thanks,

Simon Rixon
Simon Hi,

When you talk about fitting the "large fag packet" on to the bike, do you mean the black control unit, the one with the dial to change the sensitivity settings of the VOX etc, volume and so on.

If so I wouldn't stick it on the bike as it need to be somewhere handy. My wife and I have the Autocom bike to bike kit.

You can run the radios from either normal batery or hardwire them to the bike by cuting into something like the lighting system. If memory serves, Autocom recommend that you dont hardwire straight to the bikes battery.

As for the control unit, just stick that in the same pouch that will hold your radio. This means you can adjust it on the move and the pouch is waterproof (pouch should come with kit from Autocom)

Hope this helps
Simon T:beerjug:
I've just posted a question on the technical bit regarding this matter. If you check the reply it might help you withthe wiring bit at least.

I'm planning to run it off the 12v socket wiring (as the cable is okay for sockets as on the RS/RT).

As for location, okay I have an 1100 not 1150 but I guess it might be the same.

I am planning on locating it under the seat. Where you may ask ?

At the front. The bit you never look at when you put the seat back on. As it rises to meet the tank, above the airbox is a massive cavern suitable for the unit. Plus you can run your wire from here and tuck it back under out of site when you leave the bike.

I'm getting mine from Headset Servies in Shoreham. They can fit it for you and are very professional and knowledgeable.
Thanks Simon. Talking to several people today, and reading your note, it seems not fixing it into the bike is best advised.

Simon :)

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