Fitting my Ohlins tonight


It looks like a piece of piss (especially the rear) but if anyone has any "top tips" then I'd be only too glad to take them...
For the rear, put a car jack underneath the shaft drive as when it comes to removing the lower bolt you'll need to move the shaft up or down to allow the bolt to clear the exhaust when you withdraw it. You'll also need to move the shaft/swinging arm up and down when relocating the bolt in order to get everything lined up. Put a bit of coppaslip or grease on the outside of the lower mounting eyes to help slide it in as it is a tight fit...oooh errr! Tap it in place with a block of wood and hammer. The job is very simple though, should take no more than an hour at a steady pace.
Put some masking tape on the top of the swinging arm - you will try tapping from the top of the unit to release it and it could hit the arm causing some paint damage.

I knows 'cos I did it:(
There again...

My two week old GSA is still sparkling....mind you I havent ridden it since it was delivered....I have this lttle device called a KLX to stop my bestest bike getting dirty...ho...ho:p
jim mcsharry said:
Put some masking tape on the top of the swinging arm

Top tip that one - and it soon becomes obvious why once you've got the bolts undone !!

Anyway - Job done, taking about 1 1/2 hours for both front and rear (including tea breaks)

Oh boy does it feel better :D
You're both more than welcome to a pint or three

Consider it an IOU (without interest ;) ) until I meet you.

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