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Can anyone suggest where to get stainless steel mounting brackets for hella driving lights. I have recently purchased a GS with these lamps mounted to the engine bars by what looks like home made clamps. Unfortunatly one of these has now sheared. The usual visits to halfords, homebase was a waste of time for plain brackets let alone stainless.
Stefan used some plumbing pipe fittings which he bought from a pumbing shop. They have a rubber insert in the two halves and a thread that screwed right into the spotlight. Don't have any pics but will try and get the correct name and place he bought it from.
Migsel bar..

I have a light bar made by Migsel.. it comes with a matt burnish/blasted finish.. i sprayed my bar black to make it match the bike.

Goes under the beak.. PM migsel and get one.. then you can move your lights to infront and stop you loosing some of the light spread against the bike sides..

Or you could make one.. a lot of people have..

Do a search on migsel and ligt bars and you will soon find a piccy if you have never seen one. A well made bar..
That's just a copy :rolleyes:


Send me a note if you want the real thing :D

Look at this thread for a nice setup example.

Go Migsel..

Here is a pic of my setup.. just fitted yesterday.. full details. HERE

And this is what they look like when in business mode..

The spread of light is great and they are stable.. didnt find any problems with the lights flickering.


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