Frame worries

Jason P

Bit of a long story, so please bear with me... I've posted this on the UKF650 site too...

My other half took a tumble on her F650GS a year or so ago. Seemed like mainly cosmetic damage (fairing scape, handguard, indicator) which was consistent with the accident (20mph lowside on gravel). So we cart it off to L&C Tunbridge Wells who fix it up. When we get it back, my partner rides it and thinks that she's lost the plot, no longer feeling confident. I take it for a ride, and have to admit that going round corners is an interesting experience. Seems like the front end wants to either tuck in or go wide.

Anyway, I took the bike to a local independant (who's had a fair few Funduros) and they took a look at it, and found the back wheel to be and inch out of alignment to the left - likely a bent frame. So, back to L&C, where I talk to the mechanic about it. He say that the forks were twisted in the yokes, and that the bars were a little bent (something I'd noticed after we got the bike back for the first time) - both of which he fixes - and then tells me not to worry about the wheel alignment, as they're built with an offset from the factory. I tell him its the first time I've ever heard of a bike being built like that, but he is insistant. I accept this - after all, he is a BMW technician - and we get the bike back. It does handle better, but I'd not ridden it enough before the accident to be able to tell....

Now I've been told by the local independant guys that the BMW people have fed me a lot of BS... so does anyone here know different? I'd like some more info before I go and try to sort this out - not easy as L&C are now, conveniently, defunct.

Hope you can help,


Frame worries.

Dont know if this helps, but mate of mine dropped a little 250 honda dirt bike years ago in a slow speed spill, no real damage other than forks twisted in yolks and bent handle bars, all re-aligned ok in local garage. When test rode the bike suffered the same problem dropping into corners and running wide,,,, turns out that the head brgs had tightend right up due to the impact, needless to say once ajusted correctly all ok. As for offset wheels never heard of that one.
regards Pete.
My F650f doesnt have any offset built in, but I find it very hard to believe that such an uneventfull fall off would be capable of bending the frame.

John Lee
Off set wheels

I think they were trying to get rid of you, ask how much off set there should be in standard trim, they should have all the info on the box of tricks they use. When they come back with an excuse, ram your fist as far down their throat as you can.
I hate it these days, 20 years ago, you used to get great service, mainly because they knew they'd get their lamps knocked out if they took the piss. Ho Hum, nostalgia ain't what it used to be:D
I agree with vern , get your guns out and shoot em.

When on trails I probably spend more time off the bike than on and my frame hasnt bent.


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