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May 18, 2003
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Christchurch, Dorset
I have a bit of a problem on my 1100 GS if I turn the handle bars to left on full lock the front brake lever becomes stiff and if the lever is pulled brake is applied and it stays on until I turn it slightly away from full lock. There is no stretching of the Hoses so I think its got something to do with the master cylinder as when I take the handle bars off and turn them in fresh air the same thing happens. Only way to stop it is angle the brake lever downward which is a bit dificult to use. Its ok to use but a bit concerning. Has any one got any Idea what is happening ??

All is now well the cause of the problem was a collapsed inner pipe on the pipe from master cylinder to join of steel pipe to ABS. The internal pipe was doing a good job as a one way valve when on full lock. After a few hefty pulls on the brake I was able to burst the tube which up to that point had felt solid with no spongyness at all so thankfully I did it in the garage and not in an emergency stop. I have now replaced it with a s\steel braided one and all is ok. The bike is an R reg 1100gs with 42000 on clock so if there is any one with opriginal top pipe a close inspection may be in order.


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