Fuel pipe rubs...chafes

The Mechanic

Whilst fettling the other day, I noticed that one of the fuel pipes (this is the Q/D coupler pipe) runs very close (lays on) the top of the paralever. Being ever the optimist I could see that with a goodly amount of road sray grit and salt etc trapped between the two components something would eventually wear through. This could be the painted finish on the paralever or probably the fuel pipe becoming chafed. To prevent this I put some Helicopter tape on the paralever to protect it and offer up a fairly soft surface for the fuel pipe to rub against. The pipe can be moved up a fraction but when on the move vibration might well move it back down.

There is a very good picture of this pipe shown on the 'Fuel pipe disconnects' thread, Rob Farmer shows it clearly and the contact point on the paralever.

In point of fact there is quite alot of tidying up that needs to be done in terms of loose flapping wires and hoses in this area!
its a thick clear tape developed by westlands originally to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from erosion.

its great stuff, expensive if you have to pay for it.
Can also be used for fuel tank rubbing patches


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