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Oct 11, 2002
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Hi, tech question - no farty answers please

Does any one have a squelly fuel pump?..ok it does it when near empty on the side stand sure..

But, even with suficiant fuel on board, i can here the motor, as back ground noise....not loud but can definatly hear it...

Seems a new noise that i havnt heared before ?...milage 4,750 ish

i thank you, Bilko. :confused:
As long as its doing it when the fuel level is low, then there is nothing to worry about it. Both my GS's have done it, and my K1100RS too.

Mine makes the occasional squeal when switching on - most disconcerting!:eek:

1100GS, 1998, 56k ish. Has been doing this for some time, so I suspect(hope;) ) that it isn't a problem.

Your mileage may, of course, vary...
The squeal that you hear is the fuel pump running dry. You'll hear that if you run empty or if you have a pressure leak on the high pressure hose down by the right throttle body.

Anyone who hasn't already checked their fuel lines, especially on models with quick release hoses should do so, as some, if not many, leak at the clamp with the plastic pipes leading under the air box.

You can tell if it leaks by the discolouration on the gearbox due to petrol spillage.

thanks guys....

Slicker ur up early ?......anyway, had the clips changed on its 1 st service .. the "noise" is still audible even with 5-6 bars of fuel inside?...not scary but there?...6,000 sevice soon ill get the man to see, and pass on the info for others if concerned on their bikes.
Mine's just started!!!

Just wondered whether the problem was ever resolved.

I have a 2 year old 1150 with 40k on the clock & it's just started making a similar noise. Had it checked & was told to keep an eye on the fuel consumption. Checked for leaks & made sure pipe wasn't trapped, so the prob could be with the pump or check valve.

Did you manage to get this sorted?
I'd take a guess that if the pump was making a louder noise than normal and it wasn't dry that it was on its way south.

If no longer under warranty I understand that it is expensive through BMW but the identical part can be purchased from VW for much less.
noisy fuel pump

Had noisy fuel pump replaced under warranty at approx 13,000 miles, bike has now done 23,000 miles and its noisy again!!!
I have been told it will run for a long,long time whilst noisy, so i will just leave it for now. I dont want to pay £150 for a new pump.

I understand that the pump is a fairly reliable item.... not a lot to go wrong on it. It should give plenty of warning of failure, showing a marked change in fuel consumption as it runs lean (or rich?).

I'll just keep an eye (ear?) on it.... did my normal 150 mile run yesterday & couldn't hear it when I stopped.... mind you I couldn't hear much after 2.5 hrs into a head wind.
Noisy fuel pump and a BIG fuel leak

.......had to be rescued today as fuel was pissing on to right hand side of tank. Is this the fuel line/clip problem - I couldn't see where the fuel was coming from but I lost 1/4 tank of fuel in 2 miles.... But I have also noticed that the fuel pump is audible most of the time (at slow speed) - could this be linked??

I am a new GSer so on a steep learning curve......any ideas??

By the way it is an 02 model with 4.7k on the clock

I was taken to Park West and from comments on the rest of this site I am feeling none to relaxed about the quality of their work. Ah well.

Thanks and great site. peteru

Petrol pipe clip failure as you describe is a well known fault, although it sounds like you had a particularly extreme example! I believe the design has been changed on new models. My dealer replaces the clips on bikes coming on for service as a matter of course, to avoid problems like you'e experienced. I believe it was a 'bad batch' problem (my Mar 02 Adv was affected).


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