garmin etrax vista,anygood?

jon b


I`ve got a handheld garmin etrax vista which I use for mountain climbing.I bought it in the USA so its got the american map database.
My question is,if I buy and download the European database is it anygood for use on a bike,or am I better off saving up and getting a dedicated biking GPS like the motorrad navigator II

I used mine on the bike regularly before I splashed out on a SP3.

I found the screen map detail was a bit small to read. With good reading vision it should be alright. I need reading glasses.
The vista does have a more comprehensive trip computer which you can customise to your indivdual preferences.
The maps you need to load in are the Roads & Recreation.
If you create a route in the correct way, it is a very useful unit.
Thanks for that Howard,I think I`ll save my pennies then and get a new end can instead:)

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