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Jan 6, 2002
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As some of you at Llangollen know my Garmin developed a fault and it is not picking up the sats. I just get the message "Acquiring Sats" and nothing else.

Have I missed something blindingly obvious or simple here? Has anyone else ever experienced problems with a Garmin and how did you get them resolved? Who did you contact?

Any help would be much appreciated...I can't function without my toys!


Ian Underwood had a problem with his Garmin and sent it back to Garmin UK.
His GPS was returned a couple of weeks later with problem resolved and, there was no charge :):)

The Garmin address is Unit 5, The Quadrangle, Abbey Park Industrial Estate, Romsey. Telephone : 01794 519944. They have a very helpful service/tech support department.

Garmin problem solved

Thanks for the advice from all who offered it.

I have now solved the problem....I left the unit in the car window all morning at work and eventually it managed to initialise itself and find out where it was located. I have no idea why or how it became deinitialised in the first place, but it obviously needed a lot of thinking time to itself to work out where it was!


I had exactly the same problem with my garmin III on the dashboard of the company car in Germany a few weeks ago..........I believe that it was due to the car phone antennae being in the windscreen, this blocked the signal somehow, because it works absolutely 100% in my own car velcroed (sounds like a Welsh village) to the dash.

Just a thought anyway.

Other thing to watch out for with the III+ (and any other unit in that form factor) is that if you use the unit on the bike with batteries installed, the vibration of the bike causes a rapid connect/disconnect of the batteries which results in arcing which results in a carbon deposit being left on the terminals which blocks the power getting to the unit which turns the unit off... (Phew, can I breath now?)

I had this on my III and III+ and since I removed the batteries, its been fine.

I also found that the build quality of the III was lesser than that of the III+. I took the III to Labrador (North Eastern Canada) and the Trans Labrador Highway (300 miles of dirt road :D ) actually saw one of the solder points break & render the unit useless. - (Garmin replaced it by the way).

If you have the serial lead for the Garmin unit it is worth checking the Garmin website ( for any updates for your specific unit. They bring out updates quite often and I found that they fix lots of bugs.


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