Gartree Road (Leicestershire)

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Feb 25, 2002
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Vale of Belvoir
This is one of my favourite Roads, the road has been temporarily closed along part of it's length due to the 4 Wheel drive Boys tearing it up, It's a nice gentle ride the only real problem is the overgrown wheel ruts grabbing the front wheel (fell off 5 times this morning). T66's are not the best tyres for off roading but if you take your time they wll cope along this road, as long as it's not too muddy.
Gartree Road pic

Bugger! I forgot the picture!!


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Wow your brave.I took one look at it it and turned around last week.Did you go through the river or across the bridge(the bit near the B6047).
Through the River, The water is very low at the minute and the banks are dry, so it wasn't a problem. The biggest problem is the ploughed field as you come out of the water and head to Gartree, with the dry ground it's like riding on loose sand.

I really must get some Touratech indicators I broke two of mine this morning.
Did you follow it all the way to Glooston or just the first stage.Its quite nice to stop at the pub in the village for some dutch courage .! think its called the Barn
I started off at Stoughton and rode to Hallaton. the section between the field in the photo and Glooston is a pain, there's an old trailer parked on the track to block access which means you have to get through some serious ruts onto the field, the track is also very badly rutted just before you get to Glooston. Once I got to the village I hung a left and followed the road for a mile or so and then picked up the trail to Hallaton; past the Iron age fort.

I know the Pub you mean, I didn't remember it's name though, nice place with tables outside.

I sold an R80GS a couple of weeks ago, that was perfect for this ride as well as being great fun, my 1100 is a bit of a handfull with the T66's on I was thinking of fitting TKC80's next time I need tyres. I'm also worried about breaking it, This ride cost me £32 in indicators which is a bit expensive for one ride out.

I take it you have an 1100/1150.
A 1150 gs .Bought it 3 weeks ago and done 2000 miles on it.Love it!!
Just ridden the gartree road this problem -seems like its sorted it self out now there are no 4x4 going down it .Nice and easy to ride with very little ruts.Managed to keep my indicators intact but only just"!
Nice one! you have just put me to shame!:(
Somebody must have filled in the ruts, I swear they were at least 5 foot deep yesterday, could have lost you house in one!
I went on the B6047 to Glooston bit first but turned around as the ruts were deep and covered .The other bit towards Stoughton was fine.

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