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Mar 7, 2002
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benfleet, essex
I'm new to the GS and I wondered if this was normal! There is a pronounced gear noise in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear under moderate accelleration. Other than that, its pretty quiet!
Hi Bill,
You don't say what model bike you have, but I've not heard of noisy gearboxes before. Could be trouble.

I have an R850GS. I was told they make odd noises.This is sounds like gear whine.
Bill, the sound you are hearing is normal. The gears in all 259 5 speed twins are straight cut except for top. This has been the standard setup for 5 speed boxes since their introduction in 1974 on the /6 range.

In effect the gearbox, can, and a lot of the time, will, whine in any gear except top. Top gear is helically cut and therefore should be silent running.

I've had many BMW's and all of the /5 - /6 - /7 range of bikes will whine slightly in all gears except top. However when I first rode a 259 bike which was an R1100GS I couldn't believe the amount of whine, especially in second gear. I've since found that it is a normal sound for these bikes.

My own bike an R1100GS whines like crazy in second and the others slightly less each gear as I get towards fifth, whereupon it stops.


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