Gearbox flange removal

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Feb 21, 2002
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Right guys,

Stripped the gearbox out of bike and removed flange retaining nut but for the life of me cannot get the freakin flange pulled off the shaft! I have a 3 legged puller and crafted with limited tools a round peace of metal which I bolted onto the flange and tried to pull the bloddy thing off but it does not budge a mm. The piece of metal is bend so many times now that it is of no use after all the metal fatigue. Paul or anybody out there in possesion of a decent flange puller/tool of some sort so that I can get this thing off?

I will gladly pay the postage and return it safely after I am finished with this job.

i started to make a holding tool for locking the o/put shaft while you undo the nut,the plate is approx 110mm dia.,but is it only 3mm plate, perhaps to thin to double up as a puller mounting plate , judging from you comments to thick was the plate you bent?.....
hire /postage charges from bmw club probably out way dealer charge for pulling the flange off
does any body know how thick original bmw tool is?
let us know how you get on
Flange plate

I used 5mm plate and it bends pretty easily even after heating the flange a bit. Phoned BMW and the "special" flange removal tool is not for sale, wonder why. Will come up with a solution even if my dad in SA must machine me a 10mm plate and send it over. Anybody else after this piece of plate? Sometimes the simple things can be so hard if you don't have the right tools!
Anyways I am off home to see if there is not another why around this.....

Could try:
wire the flange to 30m length of quality rope. Tie the other end of rope to rail on bridge 32m high. Kick gearbox off bridge.
Flange should then be dangling at a suitable height to undo wire.
The rest of the gearbox can then be swept up and rebuilt at leisure.

Hi Dirk,
thanks for the info ,was thinking of making another 3mm plate~after seeing your post ......2*3mm plates..looks like that 's not good enough .
a mouch thicker plate and you'll need longer bolts.....M8*1mm metric fine if i remember right..
Flange tool


Phoned my dad last night and he will machine me 2-3 flange plates to extract this silly bugger. Also a flange locking plate when losening that nasty flange retaining nut. Will let you guys know the cost for the material/machining as I don't reckon it will be to much if anyone else was interested in one.

Will keep you updated.

thanks for that, i phoned Pete at the other bmw club ...tool hire, the info tool is approx 25 mm thick with longer bollts, it doesn't use a 3 legged puller as per haynes, and some flanges are "tight" even with this tool
let me know how you get on
Given that there is neither a Woodruff key, nor splines to hold the output flange, only a taper, it follows that it's a 'kin tight fit! Your puller needs to be at least 3/4 (19mm) thick. Weld a nut, (at least 12mm dia.) to this and use a correspondingly large bolt to pull the flange off. A good dose of heat will help, as will a large hammer!!!:beer:

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