Gearbox plug tool query


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Aug 28, 2003
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What type/size tool is used to undo the gearbox & final drive oil drain & filler plug ? (it's an 1100 if that matters).

And what size is the oil filter removal tool ?

Motorworks sell a oil filter removal tool. The early (upto 96) original drain bolt is different from the others. It has a very shallow head (prone to stripping - Thanks Pidcocks!) and if I remember correctly is 13mm. If you want the sizes just post the year of your bike and I will have a look. The final drive and gearbox filling points should be allen keys and are the same size as the larger allen key in your toolkit.

1997 1100GS

Thanks for that, I thought the drain plugs were Torx heads or similar but if they are straight allen bolts then i'm ok. As to the oil filter tool I found the answer (76mm) immediately afer posting my query.

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