Gearbox Repairs - The sign of things to come?

Chris Hazard

My 2003my twin spark 1150GS has just returned from gearbox surgery. A graunching noise which disappeared when the clutch was engaged was diagnosed as worn bearings inside the box.

Having covered only 13000 miles on it my confidence in the product has taken a sizeable dent.

The repair was carried out under warranty, thankfully, as I wouldn't want to pick up the tab for major work like that.

My concern is that is this now going to become the norm along with the usual corrosion issues?

I love riding the thing, but as I use it for a daily 75 mile commute in all weathers except snow, I don't want to riding about on loan bikes whilst mine's being fixed on a regular basis.

If this is the sign of things to come I would have to consider alternatives such as a Fazer 1000 or a Varadero as I cannot put up with unreliability.

Am I being unreasonably critical or should I be considering spending my hard-earned elsewhere?
eeerrrmmm -- bm's always have had gearbox /clutch weakness's,
generally the first things to go on them, but that could be at 100k or 10k --- it seems that the rear bevel bearings are making themselves known at the moment as well
Reliability is of course very important. To me it is probably the most important thing. My bike has 50000 miles with no real problems, fuel filter and brake master cylinder. I am very happy with its reliability so far. It makes loads of noises but always has so I am not too worried.

I reckon you should stick with it a while and give it at least a second chance. The highest mileage I have seen personaly on a Vareado os 50000 miles. The bike had had no problems. But was a lot tattier than my BWM. But that was probably as much to do with the owner than anything else.

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