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Jun 5, 2007
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I have decided to get one of these., but looking at the various websites have found that 'on this side of the pond' we are not getting the new stuff. In the states the new liner has a 'PDU' instead of the two dangling wires to connect the various pieces and dual 2 system. M&P sell the american version but are out of stock. Riderz only have the 'old' stock and will only be getting the jackets with the two connects for the forseable future.

Has anyone got a 'new' version of the jacket? What are the pros and cons with the new verses old? Best place to buy?

Look at the brochure at (states) and and look for ' new' PDU.
Have you taken a look at Warm & Safe gear yet?

I think the finish is much nicer and the materials are as well.

Yes, from the edges of the sleeves (no "cold" elastic border) to the tip of the fleece lined collar :thumb
Cascade Extreme

Last November I was lucky enough to happen upon the Long Beach Int Bike show and got to speak to the people from Gerbing. Long story short - I purchased the Cascade Extreme jacket, pants and G3 gloves. These have a set up in which a power controller with two temp adjustments feeds the pants/gloves separately from the jacket. Cutting to the chase - They were bloody expensive with the import tax into Australia. I made the mistake of not wearing a light thin cover under the liners and they actually burnt my skin that was exposed directly to them. Quality is terrific. I have not used them in the rain as of yet, but am very happy with them.

Hmm... I kind of like my cord.... One weakness of my Gerbing thus far, is that I can't run it inside my BMW rainsuit...

I plan to cut a hole in the side of the rainsuit, glue a cover over it, and push my Gerbing wire through for hookup to the controller...

It kind of looks to me like I'd have to push a wire into the suit with that PDU thing... Wouldn't want to get tossed off the bike in that case... rather have the connection outside the clothing...

I've kind of been toying with getting some sort off heated clothing, but since they all give out different wattages and I don't have a reference to know what what in terms of body heat, anybody have real world references I can work from.

Also how well would a 1150GSA alternator cope with heated clothing and Aux lights would this be too much for it or is the GSA alternator an uprated version ?

I've got both the BMW heated jacket and the EXO2. The EXO2 is by far the better of the two. The BMW jacket is excellent but let down by a really badly designed controller and connector ( Not waterproof, pulls on the plug and socket and wiring that looks like you could run a cooker judging by its weight!). I bought the EXO2 controller as well, but I don't think it is neccessary. The wiring is very simple and lightweight. The fact that it is self regulating stops it getting too hot, and at worst you can unplug it.
I see they have now got heated gloves too!

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