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Jan 1, 2003
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Yeovil, England
Anyone use the Hein Gericke 70l roll bag?


Is it fully waterproof? Don't particularly wnat to spend a fortune on hard luggage for the bike (probably come to nearly the value of the bike itself :D ), so am thinking about something like this with rokstraps to attach it to the rack and pillion seat.
I got a big silver one from HG - I think it was 70litre. Has survived a couple of flights and hasn't leaked yet.
It survived a 8 hour ride during I got wetter than I would have done in a bath. Had to empty the water out of my boots at the end.
for 15 odd quid a result!

Look ace on a harley too
I've got the same silver one as jimbo...
it survived this year's Princetown event and kept everything completely dry...nuff said.:)
I bought the cheap one that's in the catalogue for about £6 I think, might just be about 40litres. I think the picture you show above is for the more expensive one. Anyway, I took mine round Germany for a week in June strapped to my pillion seat. It rained heavily every day and I have to say the bag was superb. Never leaked and sat fine on the seat for 1500miles with one of those cargo nets holding it on. All the luggage I had was the bag and a 30litre top box. Best £6 I've ever spent, I can only imagine the more expensive one is as good but doubt if it's much better. Maybe the materials are more durable but mine is pretty tough. The zips seem a bit flimsy on mine but they've never let me down.
Got the 50 ltr roll bag,
Worked perfectly so far, a bit thinner than ortleib but about a third of the price. £15

100% waterproof, even if it breaks or i loose it I'd have to buy about 3 of them before it comes to the same price as an Ort
I've had the large Ortleib bag (89Ltr I think) for five years. I thought it was expensive when I got it but, now I reckon it was worth every penny. I used it constantly last year on our ill fated ride to Oz (aborted due to illness) and it is still watertight.
gerricke 70litre

i got one and was waterproof but after 3 years and god knows how many rutted gravel roads it has a wee hole in it

other than that fine
I splashed out and bought the big ortlieb bag on the BMF for slightly cheaper i.e. about £5 saved.

Looked at the HG rollbags a few months after and could not fault it's quality neither price compared to the Ortlieb. Have not come across anyone with waterproof problems either.

Ours do take a bit of a beating on trips as we strap them down with touratech straps and rockstraps. I don't want shit flying off into my wheels two up!


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